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Grad Prep with Shutterfly

Graduation is right around the corner. Literally 17 days away for our future grad…

In our house excitement is bubbling up and soon to bubble over. The day in which my Mr watches his oldest and I get to watch my bonus cross the stage and celebrate 12 years of hard work is upon us. 12 years of a lot of success. 12 years of some bumps and a few bruises. 12 years of her awesome focus and dedication to her education. For the past 7 years I have been blessed to watch front row as this incredible young lady soars.

Family is heading to town. A party we will attend is planned. Adventures await. But first, announcements must be sent.

Grad announcements aren’t what they used to be. Gone are the days of the old stuffy formal documents purchased through school. These days grad announcements are fun and fresh, using senior pictures and creating personalized photo cards celebrating seniors and their true personalities.

Being as we are blended, I wanted to ensure we celebrated E with all of our family and friends. Those that have known us as a “we” and those that have celebrated alongside our family through all triumphs and tribulations. I wanted to honor our girl the best way I knew how without stumbling over anything her and her mom had planned. Some folks may receive two announcements, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. The more celebration the merrier. And worth it for our girl!

For our grad announcements I turned to Shutterfly. With the ability to upload all of our favorite pictures and customize to our liking it made completing this fun and crafty project easy. The hard part, selecting a favorite layout. I played with a few beautiful layouts and came to the conclusion that I wanted to honor her hero shot from her senior pictures, the one in which she was wearing her hard earned letterman jacket and sporting a bouquet of green and gold balloons, honoring her high school years beautifully. I selected the Shimmering Bold Year Graduation Announcement, this was the perfect card to customize. Shutterfly also makes it really easy to customize layouts as well. For the back of the card there were many layout options in which content and pictures could be added and adjusted. On the back of the card we honored other beautiful shots from her senior pictures and wrote a little note of love for friends and family.

Shutterfly is also a great site to add a few personalized gifts to the order. Address labels and thank you cards. Framed or canvas prints. Calendars. Photo cubes or shadow boxes. Photo Mugs (we bought a few as grandparents gifts). You name it, they’ve got it.

Take the celebration of your grad to the next level with Shutterfly

*** This blog post is not an ad. These are my opinions and my opinions alone. Simply, I love the ease of Shutterfly and the ability to create personalized items that create magic in times of celebration. ***

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