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No Drink, No Problem

Y’all, I love a good margarita, a solid vodka soda, a decently dirty martini with blue cheese olives, a strong espresso martini and of course I love my go-to Michelada. Frankly there aren’t many drinks I’m not willing to try. Sure I favor vodka, tequila, wine and beer, but I’ll give gin and whiskey a go here and there too.

This all to say I am a “drinker”, a drunk, heavens no, but I am a social drinker who enjoys a bevy every now and then with my girls or my man.

However, in the vein of vibrance, I chose to go dry for the month of April. And y’all, it was easy peasy. I expected this to be a tougher challenge to be honest. Sure, date nights looked a bit different and Friday’s weren’t capped off with a drink per usual, but all in all, this challenge was an easy one.

The choice stemmed from rotten thyroid test results and a need to lose the bloat. Everyone must start somewhere, instead of sugar and desserts I chose alcohol. I see that my choice may have been a cop out, but I am still grateful for the challenge and the success.

You see, everything became a bit excessive recently. Sweets, portions, a drink or three. And I knew getting my health back meant changing course and reining it all in a bit. Sweet treats felt a tad (a whole crazy lot) more daunting to me, so I started small. And here’s what I learned during my month of dry.

  • Drinking really is social for me. I only craved a drink on my first date night out at the start of April (habit much). Every meal thereafter was smooth sailing and I didn’t miss drinking at all.
  • I slept sounder. Maybe because I also chose to go to bed earlier, however, I am pleased with the fact that my sleep improved.
  • I didn’t have any morning headaches. Alcohol and I are slowly becoming enemies as I age. Whether it’s one drink or three, I am often left with a headache. No drinky, no achey.
  • I dropped a few lbs. Fewer calories = fewer pounds. Through the month of April I have also tracked calories and I am completely intrigued at the calories I would need to save up in order to enjoy a drink. Liquid calories just aren’t worth it in the long run.
  • I didn’t miss it. Not a single bit at all. A club soda with a lime at dinner does the trick these days.

The big takeaway for me, alcohol is what it is. At this stage in my life drinking to get drunk never happens and drinking regularly is no longer all that fun. No more wasted calories. No more just because beverages. I can appreciate that a good drink should be savored and enjoyed and so savored and enjoyed it shall be.

I’ve decided in May I am going to take that big bite and truly challenge myself to give up sugar. Sugar in desserts that is.

This girl is ready for a tasty marg or michelada on Cinco de Mayo to wash down chips, guac and a taco!

*** Photo found on Pinterest from Champagne and Paper Planes ***

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