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The Last Letter From Your Lover – A Book Review

This is a quintessential summer beach read, this is a must read.

First, I stumbled upon Jojo Moyes by happenstance. We were flying to London for New Year’s 2017 and I watched Me Before You on the airplane. I cried for the majority of the movie and fell in love with the story. Upon returning home and after watching the movie a few more times, walking through Target I saw the sequel Me After You and I had to read it. I’ve since read Still Me as well and love the story of Louisa Clark. Fingers crossed there are more stories in that series and more movies to be made.

Second, I love Jojo Moyes writing style. There is something that simply pulls me in and keeps me interested. All of my fiction reads have to be written in the way I think. Quirky – absolutely. And she writes in that manner – magic.

Third, I went to Barnes and Noble prior to one of our trips and literally purchased six of her books, along with a few others. Hey, I like options. And, I am a voracious reader. I selected a book for that trip and placed other books in my nightstand, waiting for an opportunity to read one of them. (Since y’all know me, you know I rotate between fiction and personal development.)

Enter our latest trip … I needed a book and selected The Last Letter from Your Lover.

This book experienced a lot of sunscreen, Rose, sand, burrata & gelato. There may be a few drips of salt water between the pages too.

If you are headed to the beach, this is your book. It is juicy and lovely. Filled with love stories and adventure. It is witty and wild. I personally love how the book travels through time, visiting the past and journeying through the present. Jojo Moyes has an incredible way of weaving the characters stories together and keeping the reader engaged and curious.

1960’s London – Jennifer Sterling wakes up in a hospital room not knowing anyone or anything about her life after a horrible car accident. She cannot remember her husband, her family, her life experiences. All she knows is everything feels wrong. Through the journey of reentering her world, the one she is so unfamiliar with, she discovers a dark secret about herself and the life she was living. Husband. Lover. A life once filled with passion, now empty. Letters are found that bring her back to herself. And one last letter is sent. 2003 London – Ellie Haworth is a reporter seeking a good story using her papers archives. She stumbles on a letter, the last letter sent between two lovers in the 1960’s. And so begins a journey to uncover what happened to Boots and Jennifer.

I could not put this book down. It filled me with an intense need to know what happened next. It filled my heart with the knowing nod of love and affection. I was captivated by what may have been and what ended up becoming.

This is a perfect beach read for your summer adventures. Easy to read. Exciting to follow. A fun exploration of love.

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