Melanie Jeanne

It’s Fall Y’all

The Autumn equinox was this past Saturday, September 22nd. Here in Arizona, that simply means one thing, we can decorate for fall.

There are no color changing leaves to look forward to. The temps are still out of control (over 100 degrees today my friends). Cool crisp days are at least a month (if not more) away. Here we will the autumnal shift. We will weather changes, will the holiday season and will all of the essential fall enjoyments.

But, you see… There is a solution. A darn good Fall Bucket List to follow and complete. I love a fun challenge. It’s like making a list prior to travel of sights you’d like to see and restaurants you’d like to eat at. For me there is joy in the process of checking items off of a list.

Inspiration is flowing from every which direction. This I can confirm. I received a fall bucket list from Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things (thank heavens for newsletters and little lovelies like bucket lists). And with a simple Pinterest search you will find hundreds upon hundreds of Fall Bucket Lists, but I thought, why not jump on the band wagon and create one more, just for y’all. So I developed an Arizona themed Fall Bucket List, because hey, why not?

With temps still in the 100’s we could all use a little added inspiration here in AZ to ring in fall like the rest of the country. We could use the emotional feels that come with planning fun adventures with our family. We could use something to distract us from the darn heat. This Arizona themed bucket list includes a lot of fun no matter where you live and enjoyable fall tasks to check off the list. It is themed Arizona and includes many Arizona only options, but can inspire and be replicated in your own home state with similar events and festivals.

Download the Arizona Fall Bucket list if you’re a local, enjoy the inspiration if not, but let’s get inspired by fall.

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