Melanie Jeanne

Always the Mascot, Never the All-Star

Impostor syndrome. Have you heard of it?

Impostor syndrome (impostor phenomenon, impostorism, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) : a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has  a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.

If there were a picture in the dictionary next to the above definition it would be mine. Absolutely and positively. I am no narcissist in life, I am most definitely someone who fears being an impostor.

I had a very successful career in marketing for over 13 years. I would venture to say my confidence was equal to my skill for about a total of 8 of those 13 years. I loved being new; learning the culture and chaos of a company, learning the role and knowing that each day as a new employee in the office was going to be an overwhelming sense of struggle and fear, yet accomplishment and joy. I loved hitting my stride; there is always a moment in each role where a stride is hit. It is the moment when you’ve learned your role, you’ve made a few mistakes and traveled through them, you’ve been given trust and a sense of ownership over your role, you feel like you’ve made it. I always loved being a part of the culture; I was blessed to work at 3 companies that truly allowed me to be me while within their four walls. Bubbly, full of life, enjoying the role and tasks at hand, but also a part of the companies community. I am lucky to say that I have had a good sense of company fit my whole career. And the people, oh the people. I have always worked with the most incredible people. Sure there are a few sour apples everywhere, but I have walked away from corporate with a handful of (from each company) friends and continued acquaintances.

But, here’s the thing. When I left each role, I worried if I would fit in at the next. And though I spoke of loving to learn, loving the company culture and loving the people while always knowing I was a good company fit, there was always the moments where I felt like I was not measuring up, not a strong employee, not the best suited for the role I was in… impostor syndrome at its finest.

I have always been able to become part of the culture. I have always chased the success. I have simply struggled to make my mark. I am not a horn tooter if you will and I have zero skill in self advocation. I never fought to be the next up, I had assumed that my skills would speak for themselves and I would earn the role. I was mistaken. There is a magic and power in being able to professionally toot your own horn and advocate for oneself.

But you see, I do have strengths, more on those in a moment. 

This past summer I was talking with friends about my recent departure from corporate America and my goal to truly settle into what was right for me, what worked best for my skills. I knew I was not intended to be a stay at home mom forever, and I have dabbled a bit in interior design. I love design and I love helping others bring their home to life. But I knew I needed something more, something that made more of a difference, something that built more of a community, something that suited my strengths more. A passion and project that could push me into my next venture while not sacrificing my desire to create my own schedule and be the best mama I could be to the Doodle. During this discussion (one of these friends was also an old co-worker) I made the joke that in corporate I was always great at being the mascot of a company, but never great at being the all-star.

The joke hit home in a way I did not intend. As I said it out loud I realized what I was saying. What was meant to be a self-deprecating joke about my own knowledge of my fears and skills and impostor syndrome, turned into a spark and a fire lit.

Here come those strengths I mentioned…

I am a great mascot. Mascot for a cause. Mascot for the people. Mascot for a company. I am great at being a face to something bigger than me. Pulling people together. Creating community. I am great at managing a lot of details in an organized fashion. I am great at honoring the hearts and minds of others and advocating for growth and balance in life.

All of this to say… I know my path. I am the founder, face and mascot of Someday, Today Co. Someday, Today Co. is an extension of the MelanieJeanne family and community. Here is a little bit more about Someday, Today Co.

Hello and welcome to the Someday, Today Co. community. Here, it is our goal and mission to create events that ignite inspiration through conversation and community. At Someday, Today Co. we create and conduct events that inspire individuals to stop waiting for Someday because Someday starts Today.

Each event is uniquely curated for a specific demographic who is seeking community and growth. Women. Men. Couples. Each unique event is created with those identified opportunities in mind. Any need can and will be addressed as our community grows and communicates. Women currently “in the middle” of life, raising kiddos, launching new careers, changing career focus mid-life, becoming a stay at home mom, taking care of ill parents, supporting spouses during the peek of their career, re identifying themselves as individuals through it all (any and all of the things of living in the middle parts of life).  Men seeking identity outside of the board room, redefining who they are as fathers with growing children, who they are as husbands with spouses who are growing and evolving, how to harness success while also recognizing peek earning potential is coming to a close. And of course, couples looking to grow stronger together as careers change, children grow, parents pass on, life changes and supporting couples who want to expand their growth and relationship beyond a faith based event, but to a couples event that is more raw and rare. Living in the middle of marriage and parenthood, in the middle of career and chaos.  

… because Someday starts Today.

So there you have. I am going to be your mascot! I am going to create one-day events that honor different stages of life. I am going to work with my community to develop opportunities for women, men and couples to learn from those in it or through the thick of it. It is my goal to take my passion for people to the next level.

If you or someone you know could use this community I am creating please follow and share. Someday, Today Co. can be found on the internet at its web page or instagram page. And more importantly than that, this community can only exist with you in it. So, if you feel that you, someone you know, your partner, parent, friend, favorite brand or most frequented company could be a great contributor to our events, please direct them my way! Speakers, vendors, sponsors. I am looking for anyone to help launch this community. This community that supports those in the middle parts of life to reinvigorate life.

… because Someday starts Today! 

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