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Warby Parker + Home Try-On = Perfect for the Holidays

It is no secret I love my Warby Parker’s!

I came to know of them when the only way to purchase was through a home try-on or online. I loved them so much, I wrote about it here & here. At the time the process of a home try-on was unique and engaging in a very new and different way. Warby Parker has since made the purchase process more accessible, opening many store fronts across the nation as well.

I’ve cycled through pairs, worn and sadly lost my absolute favorite pair (Baxter TI, which are now discontinued, breaks my heart) and enjoyed my Warby’s since 2014. I think I have 5 pairs as of this post. It’s safe to say I cannot say enough about Warby Parker in that they make quality glasses fun and easy for the consumer and they give back in the process.

This holiday season give the gift of Warby Parker. They are the perfect gift to give someone you love or even better, they may be the best gift you give yourself. There are so many options that do not include selecting a pair of opticals for your friends and loved ones. In fact, visit the Warby Parker Holiday Gifts for the most magnificent gift ideas for the glasses lover. Gift include sunglasses, cleaner kits, cases, travel cases (I’ve added this to my list) & gift cards (for the glasses fan such as myself). Really, you can’t go wrong in giving the gift of sight!

If you’re more like me and you are gifting yourself something incredible utilize the home try-on process for the win! You won’t have to rub elbow in stores during this crazy time of year. You will receive 5 pairs of glasses to try on, test, get opinions from your family and friends and select from the comfort of your own home, in your own time, at your own pace.

The other day my home try-on box arrived, in fact it arrived the same day Doodle’s new pair of Warby Parker’s arrived as well. I couldn’t be more excited for this mail day… Simply the best. (And boy does the Doodle look cute in her glasses, just saying.)

I immediately tore into the box to see my options. I struggle to make a choice and certainly have a style. Big, chunky glasses with classic masculine frames. But, this home try-on box included a cat eye option too. Warby Parker has been getting it right since the beginning. At first I wanted something unique, then I started exploring things that were more classic and masculine and now I am venturing into the cat eye category, just to explore different styles.

I received 5 unique glasses – Hughes, Francis, Maeve, Louise & Welty. I tried each pair on over and over and over again because… indecisive. Additionally, I believe glasses are a perfect accessory. Therefore, I believe in having many options similar to watches, bracelets, necklaces, belts, shoes, etc. I choose my glasses based on my emotions and whims and outfits.

And so I’ve selected. I am in love with Louise. Literally, never thought I would choose a cat eye, but I like the funk, fun and the change in style that Louise brings to my life.

This holiday season, explore your options. Explore the idea of wearing something funky and cool. Explore the old classics. Explore until your heart is content. At the starting price of $95, you the buyer, cannot lose. In fact, you the buyer, can buy a couple pairs for the price of a traditional pair of glasses. Explore gifting this joy. You cannot go wrong!

That’s not all. Warby Parker gives back. And this may be the most motivating part of the purchase of them all. For every pair of glasses purchased Warby Parker gives back in one of two ways – empowering adult men and women with training opportunities to administer eye exams and sell glasses for ultra low prices or directly giving vision care and glasses to school aged children. I see no better purchase than a purchase that gives back to communities.

Happy Holidays and happy holiday shopping for you and yours!

Note: I am a Warby Parker Affiliate. If you choose to follow links provided and make a purchase I will make a small commission as a result. I only share brands and information I feel will provide joy or value. Each post is written of my own accord and opinion.

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