Melanie Jeanne

Hello 2019

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when fresh perspective and a change in calendar motivate and inspire new beginnings.

Ultimately, I believe there is no right time to make change and love evolving and growing continuously. But, there is nothing quite like a new year to inspire change.

In years past I would write lofty resolutions and immediately walk away from them. It lived in a set-it and forget-it mentality, maybe I was hoping I would meet my goals through osmosis. Maybe I thought just by saying it out loud once and writing it down twice, these goals would become my reality.

Last year (2018) I needed a change, a desperate change in my life. I was feeling dull, sad, lonely, just plain meh. 2017 wasn’t my year. My dad passed away. I left a career I loved and people I love to pursue feeling more challenged. Challenged I was, but the change was not right for me. My marriage hit bumps. Kids faced challenges. Basically, 2017 was a year of defeat. It happens. Not every year can be a year full of joy and victories. We wouldn’t be whole people if that were the case. (And please note, I know 2017 was also filled with blessing too, lots of blessings.)

At the beginning of 2018 I knew I needed something that would change my perspective. I needed a word that inspired change. I chose vibrant. And VIBRANT I became. I wanted my smile back and my glow and my happy. For the most part I gained all of that back. There is a freedom in choosing a word. At an impasse all one has to ask themselves is “would this make me feel more vibrant?” the answer yes or no guided me. But, there was one essential thing I failed to plan for. With a lack of definition on the word vibrant, at the end of the year, there were two items that I didn’t feel vibrant about. Those two items I realized were two of the primary drivers at the start of my year, my health and my career. I failed to define vibrance and I was left feeling a little let down in what I didn’t accomplish. I closed out the year joyful though, for what was accomplished. I chased a word and wonderfully vibrant things happened.

Moving into 2019 I knew the same had to be true. I had to pick a word. A word that would drive decisions and drive goals and dreams. I chose INTENTIONAL. I often fall into habit and routine and fail to think through, be mindful and act intentionally when it comes to my day to day life. I let the hamster run on the wheel without much thought. I do what I know is expected of me, I fade in and out of inspiration and I carry on to the next task, item or day in routine.

Let me be clear, habits and routine are great, when they are working to your benefit. When those habits are healthy, when the routine is productive. But, I know there are areas of my life I have allowed myself to become complacent. I’ve fallen into lack luster routines and poor habits. Enter health and career (and a few other things).

Here is my stance. Here is my claim. This year I am going to be intentional.

Where I will carry that word with me always and utilize it to make better choices, conduct more loving conversations and in general slow down to add quality to my life, I will also add a few defining goals (resolutions) to my list.

I have chosen 5 goals to truly focus on intentionally.

  1. I will intentionally lose weight and gain my health back.
  2. I will intentionally re-launch my career as defined by me and contribute to our family income.
  3. I will intentionally take more photos and capture more moments and memories with my family.
  4. I will intentionally finish making our house our home.
  5. I will intentionally do more things that make me happy – focus on my husband, cherish time with my kiddos, opt outside, have more fun being active, cook more meals at home, listen to music while driving with the windows down, watch the sunset.

I have written long journal entries defining each and every one of these five focal areas. I have written about why they are my focus. I have written about my hang ups and how those are negatively impacting me. I have also written about the joy, positivity and esteem that will come from meeting these goals.

2018, I got my vibrance back. 2019, I will be intentional about my goals and accomplishments.
What are your goals for 2019 and what are you doing to see them through?

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