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Lauren of The Tallest Blade

It’s the final Friday of the first month of 2019 … Just take that in for a moment. The final Friday of January 2019 is upon us!

What?!?! What that means is it’s time to introduce another incredible woman to you in our Women of Influence series. This month, this fresh month of a new year brings us so many incredible things. Fresh starts. New beginnings. Opportunities to reevaluate who we want to be, what we want to be. It’s the time of year we set goals, plan trips, discuss new dreams and wishes. It’s the time of year many of us feel like becoming more of who we’ve always wanted to be.

If there is one woman I’ve met along my journey that exemplifies becoming the true essence of one’s self it is Lauren. Lauren and I have had weaving careers since she moved to Arizona. Both having worked at the same agency (at different times) many years ago. One day we met at a coffee shop based on a mutual connections suggestion and we’ve since been dancing through each others lives here and there. She has always been an inspiration to me. An inspiration in career, travel, motherhood, wellness and living life fully. To know her is to feel her energy, forever good juju. And to befriend her is to have your life graced with cool.

Enough about all the reasons I adore Lauren, how ’bout you read it for yourself. Soak up her energy a bit, it’s rad!

Introducing January’s Woman of Influence – Lauren of The Tallest Blade

Let’s start with who you are as a person because behind every beautiful brand is a real life person just waiting to get out! Who are you Lauren? 

I am originally from upstate NY and old diaries will show that I always dreamed of doing two things— working in NYC and eventually living on the beach in Santa Monica. I did both with gusto and have planted my feet and hope to stay rooted in Phoenix (with frequent adventures planned to stoke my wanderlust spirit). I always thought I’d be a city-working-single-girl, but I met a man who changed all of that and now I even have two kids (Who would have thought?!). 

I am working to find balance in this new life of mine where I am trying to fulfill my work self, my personal self, my mom self and my wife self— and somehow merge them to make my best self. I have grit, am curious AF, I love to work and talk creative shop, I drink juice till dinner and then splurge on wine and pizza, I do Yoga and just had a 10 day Peloton streak. I’m also the fun parent. 

The Tallest Blade represents a brand I’ve always wanted to build…because I love building brands and because it’s so representative of myself and the type of work and people I like to be involved in and with. It’s a strategic marketing company that will help tell meaningful brand stories and inspire followers and advocates. 

You are wonder woman! How do you balance being a wife, mama, passionate entrepreneur and health advocate?

I don’t. Ha. Each day is different. One day I’m in a dress and hitting a few different meetings where I’m strategizing and creatively brainstorming. Another day I’m home with the kids waiting for a Restoration Hardware delivery. Every single day is a fine choreographed dance juggling all of the To Dos to manage a home, give two kids everything they deserve from a mom, flex my creativity, work my muscles and if I’m lucky, maybe have sex. 

And you know…behind every wonder woman is a wonder man. My husband, Ryan, is the Chief Brand Officer at a rapidly growing company that went public last year, Carvana. He is incredibly dedicated to work and even more so to his family. Without his support, I wouldn’t have felt ok making the leap, and knowing I have someone to bounce ideas off of or talk about strategy with is an added bonus. 

I love working out only because I love eating. I love food— I always have. I love to cook, explore, go to farmers markets, try new things. I’ve never made the same recipe twice. And I always change any recipe I’m using and would never be able to recreate it anyways. I think that food bring family and friends together and my favorite moments are spent around my dining room table with people I love. 

On a personal note, are you an early bird gets the worm or night owl?

Mostly an early bird, but I enjoy waking up slow, stretching, half sleeping and cuddling before I hop out of bed.  I also enjoy turning the alarm off before it rings, tossing on my lululemons and sneaking off to yoga class while the sky is still dark and the moon is saying good morning. I like the rituals of morning— turning on the lights, making coffee, waiting for the pitter pattering of little feet down the hall.

Coffee, tea or what’s your favorite bevvy?

Coffee. Every morning. Hot in the winter and cold brew in the summer. I juice A LOT but not cause I like it, only because it’s easy (I buy it so it’s prepped and in a bottle and ready to go anywhere with me and I can drink it en route).

What does your morning routine look like? How do you start your day in a manner that allows you to accomplish everything you do? How do you create positivity in your morning routine?

I wake up happy. I always have. Maybe it’s because my mom greeted me with a big Good Morning every day when I was a kid, but every day is new and full of opportunity. Every day for me is completely different which can be overwhelming or incredibly exciting depending on the day. I make calendars and to-do lists and follow them strictly. If it’s not written down it’s not happening, and if it is written down, it IS.

What do you eat for breakfast to get your day going? 

Juice. Coffee. Repeat.

What are your greatest indulgences? 

Wine. Cheese. I don’t say no to anything, really. All in moderation. I’m a yes-er. Yes I will try that. Yes I will eat that. Yes I will go there. Yes I will drink that.

How do you balance health and being a foodie? I mean come on, we all want to know how you look so good and happen to love food! 

You are way too nice. I try to consistently work out. I LOVE my hot yoga class bumping with EDM music and I leave it covered in sweat. I love my new Peloton because it allows me to sneak in workouts when I normally couldn’t. I also mostly stay away from meat, which for me, has made a big difference on my health. I always feel light and bouncy and ready to go. You won’t ever find me walking at anything other than a NYC cadence.

Do you have one personal piece of advice you would share with other women so that they can join your wonder woman status? 

You can do it all! Because you define for yourself what “all” means. “All” today could mean watching movies and making popcorn and cuddling. “All” tomorrow could mean a full day of meetings and calls. You define your all, and then freaking do it.

Let’s talk about The Tallest Blade, leaving corporate America and how you made the choice to chase your dreams?

Well this is a tricky one. I’ve always wanted ‘more’ than what I’ve been doing in Phoenix. I’m lucky that my NY and LA jobs never gave me that same feeling— I wanted less. HA! I didn’t know what that meant until one unfortunate conversation with my previous boss. I walked out of her office and knew I wasn’t going to ever walk back in it. I knew with everything in my heart and in my bones that I was meant for more. So I spent a month or two figuring it out. What did I want to do? What did I want to stand for? To be a part of? 

And now I have the incredible luxury of working with INCREDIBLE people. Nice people. People who want to do things that matter, that move the needle. Kind, funny, awesome people who I get SO happy about sitting across the table from. 

How did you come to decide on this transition, how is it going so far?

This is going to sound so lame but I was three chapters into the “5 Second Rule” book after having Mel Robbins at a key note a a conference I was at. I decided in 5 seconds what I was going to do and I did it. Brainstormed for a bit in the weeks following, met with a BAD ASS lady entrepreneur who I admire (who may have given me a little push) and then I did it. Googled how to start a company— got a logo, made a brand, made a website….got some clients.

You are also an inspiration when it comes to living life to the fullest, being a travel enthusiast, being a super mom, wife… How? How do you do it all? Have you given anything up for another?

Every day is a balancing act of giving up one thing for another and every day has a different priority for me it seems. Choosing the thing that sparks joy (or is the most responsible choice) usually helps me easily prioritize.

What fears do you have in leaving corporate in order to own your own business? 

Not having a steady paycheck that someone else gives me. Not having predictability. The imposter syndrome feelings of questioning myself (having to remind yourself every day that YES YOU CAN DO THIS). Sharing money with my husband (we had never done that before).

What are your goals and dreams for The Tallest Blade

They are simple (I think). I want to do good work with good people. I want to be proud of what I do and what I’m working on. And eventually I’d love to do work for good — specifically in the sustainability and environmental cause space.

What would you say to other dreamers? To other women longing to have it all? To other women longing to launch a business and pursuing entrepreneurship? 

5,4,3,2,1…… And if you haven’t read that aforementioned book, order it on Amazon prime now and get ready. Game changer. Nothing can stop a woman on a mission. And now, starts now. Don’t wait– life is too damn short.

… Y’all, now you see why Lauren of The Tallest Blade was featured for our January installment of Women of Influence. Aren’t you inspired to get started on your dreams right now? She is so human and so incredible. She is the kind of women I strive to be on the daily. And I am lucky to call her friend.

If you are needing an incredible strategic marketing company that will help tell meaningful brand stories and inspire followers and advocates, contact Lauren at The Tallest Blade! If you are looking for life inspiration and motivation check out her instagram feed(s) Lauren and The Tallest Blade.

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