Melanie Jeanne

Love and Valentine’s

Gimmie all the lovin’! All the hugs and kisses too… 
(Oh ZZ Top how you make me miss my dad)

Seriously. I think I’m the biggest fan of love. Let’s be honest. I grew up in an era of Rom-Com magic. I was blessed with beautiful friendships and enjoying the journey of having a high school sweetheart. I enjoyed having parents who loved me deeply and loudly. I’ve loved and lost, but always loved again. And now I am honored to be loving as a parent and wife. Oh, love is a many splendid thing (thanks Grease).

There is nothing I love more than making a moment a memory. I like making little details and moment feel big and beautiful. I like taking these hallmark holidays and turning them into pure magic and bliss. You see, these are the days that my kids will remember. They will remember being remembered. Being loved loudly and deeply. The little surprises. The big shows of affection. We haven’t always done great celebrating. But, there is always time to impact change.

This year was that year. Making moments into memories. The Doodle and I baked sugar cookies and decorated them together in preparation for today. We got all of our favorite sprinkles out, we got sticky and the counter got messy. We licked our fingers and added all the colorful pretty little things. The Mr and I spent time thinking through ways we could surprise each girl with something this year. We agreed mailing each one something would be a special change (three girls at three unique addresses limits in home celebrations). Receiving mail is always fun and enjoyable (I get a dopamine high when something special is in the mail for me). So we picked CraveBox, wrote little notes and shipped.

And in the end, the goal is to have fun. Be playful and enjoy enjoying the holiday. Make time with friends, family and lovers playful. Laugh as laughter is one of the greatest joys in friendship and love. Play MASH. Decorate cookies. Wrap presents. Set an over the top table setting for breakfast. Do what you can to make moments memories because in the end, when we look back on our lives, it’s the fond memories that spark the most joy.

This holiday, or any for that matter, take time… Take time to slow down, be present, to engage. I love love and showing love can simply be looking into someones eyes when you talk to them. But, if you’re like me; be big, bold, brave and love loudly. I don’t think you can ever show love too much or too often.

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