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Shannon of Mais Oui Skincare

Six months! Six months of featuring incredible and wonderful women in this Women of Influence Series. Six months of featuring inspiring women that are paving new paths and constantly breaking the mold. Six months and it just keeps getting better.

Have you ever met someone and when you met them you could just feel how very special they were? That when you spoke with them you felt that somehow they knew everything about you and knew how to coach you and love you through this life. When you met them, you knew that they’re kind of kindness was the kind you wanted in your life? And then as you got to know them, as you became their friend, you listened intently when they spoke because somehow you always grew into a better version of you? This woman is that woman, she just makes everyone feel better in their own skin.

I’ve known Shannon for 20 years (no freaking way)! And for about 15 of those years she has been managing my skin. I was unfortunately a female that struggled with cystic acne in my early 20’s (really, when I thought I’d be growing out of my teenage hormones, they just seemed to ramp up). Once doctor prescribed treatment was complete, I knew I needed to take on a skincare routine that would help me maintain the health of my skin. Enter Shannon and Mais Oui Skincare. Every single visit is more like brunch than a facial treatment. The conversation flows so organically and beautifully. She is my counselor, my champion, my therapist and most importantly my friend.

Moving right along… less about all the reasons I love her, how ’bout I get to introducing her to you so that you too can fall in love & join the skincare journey… Who doesn’t like aging backwards after all?

Without further ado, March’s Woman of Influence is Shannon of Mais Oui Skincare!

First, please introduce yourself as an individual! Who are you away from Mais Oui Skincare? What are your passions, goals and life like outside of the brand? 

I am a daughter to two amazing loving parents. Sister to two strong protective older brothers and a beautiful kind little sister. Wife to my husband of 23 years. Mommy to our smart, unique, driven 10 year old daughter. And dog mom to our two Golden Retrievers and our Frenchton (frenchie and boston terrier mix). Friend to so many inspirational humans; women, men and children alike. I’m beyond blessed by the quality of friendships that I’ve made in the last 25 years of living in the Valley of the Sun.

Next, who / what is Mais Oui Skincare

My passion for skincare came as passions do. I started having a lot of issues that hadn’t really been addressed in the medical / dermatology community with any form of effective treatment. Hormonal acne. I was 26 when I was diagnosed with a rare form of endometriosis; contained within the muscle tissue and the only form of treatment was a hysterectomy. I was working at the Mayo Hospital at the time and referred to a specialist and she recommended the Lupron shot which puts your body into menopause by shutting off your hormones. I was in menopause for 6 months and chose to pursue this treatment to shut off the hormones feeding the endometriosis. This not only made me a little crazy (hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, etc) it absolutely destroyed my skin – acne everywhere. I picked and picked and caused permanent damage – scaring and pigment damage.

I had really great doctor support through this time in my life and great access to treatment. I tried so many treatments and routines. But, the thoughtful yet painful suggestions just kept coming. The knife in my chest; “Do you wash your face at night.” I would spend hours on my skin at night and would end up in tears because I hated my skin.

After talking to a plastic surgeon about skin resurfacing they had suggested I start facial, which at the time was new to the industry. After getting facials myself and learning more about the slow process of healing my own skin, I found hope. That’s when Craig (my hunka hunka hubs) said “Do you know how many people you could help because you know what they’re going through.” Enter – Mais Oui Skincare.

Empathy, so powerful and healing.

Now a few questions to dig deeper and get to know you and the brand…

How are you balancing entrepreneurship with life (raising a little monkey, marriage, volunteering / championing causes, etc.)? 

Balance? What’s that? Heh… I guess I’m like most mama’s, it’s as insane as you let it be. I love my life. I have an incredibly supportive husband who helps pick up the slack with our daughter’s schedule (gymnastics, play dates, school, schedules…) and will dust off his tux to take me to all of the charity events I make him attend.

Are you a night owl or any early bird gets the worm kind of gal?

Because of my hoshimoto’s I am an early bird gets the worm. This is mostly due to school schedules and work schedules. If I want to get a workout in, I have to be up early in the morning. However, many people have received an email from me at 3am. Basically, I don’t sleep.

Coffee, tea or a favorite bevvy? 

I always have three beverages going at once. Water. Water. Water. Always. But, a good quality tequila añejo is my favorite. Also, my mother always said that most of life’s problems can be solved, or at least soothed with a hot cup of tea. And I agree.

What does your morning routine look like? What do you do in the morning to create positivity throughout your day? Favorite breakfast (always looking for delicious inspirations)?

Basically it starts with getting Aubs up and ready and out the door. I drink hot water with lemon followed quickly by a french press coffee. To start the morning best, I head to our backyard. Watch the hummingbirds, play with the puppies by the pool, turn on some chill music and enjoy what nature has to offer. I always have music going, no TV.

What are your greatest indulgences?

Travel. Always travel. I like to spend our extra money on experiences and travel; going everywhere  and anywhere, staying in nice places and experiencing the world. Also, tequila.

How do you balance all that is important to you (family, significant other, friends, Mais Oui Skincare)?

I would say just knowing what your soul needs and when is the key. Sometimes you need time alone with your mate, sometimes you need time alone with your child, or your girlfriends and even sometimes you need time alone with yourself. Recognizing what feeds you and what takes from you.

What inspired the launch of Mais Oui Skincare

See above. My own skincare situation. But, Mais Oui as a skincare line was created from a need to feed sensitive skin with incredible products. Products that are clean, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free and fragrance (perfume) free while being essential oil full (and delicious).

You have always been an entrepreneur, how did you find the courage to launch a business at a young age?

Passion. Passion led to purpose and purpose fueled the passion.

How did you grow Mais Oui Skincare?

Being present, being on site, being there. I worked in a salon setting, I was there all day. Whether I had clients or not, I was available. Drop-in’s and referrals helped launch Mais Oui. Being a hard worker led to repeat clientele and grew Mais Oui. I was also fortunate to have others who were interested in results based facials and skincare treatments. I’m pretty lucky, I have amazing relationships and bonds with people who have been clients for over 15 years.

What has made Mais Oui Skincare successful for so long?

Referrals. People appreciating what I do and how I do it. I am constantly striving to grow and better what I do. Introducing a skincare line that supported my facial treatments and extended the life of the treatments. All of my clients have my personal cell in order to reach me for needed support, encouragement and friendship.

What are your goals and dreams for Mais Oui Skincare? What does the future look like? 

Organically, it has become more of a holistic practice. Total body wellness. I want people to feel good from the inside out. Working more on the spiritual as well as the external glow.

What would you say to other dreamers? To other women longing to express creativity? To other women longing to launch a business and pursing entrepreneurship? 

Dreamers dream bigger. I wish I was more creative, so if that’s you, show the world what you’re made of unapologetically. You only have one life to live, so live it. Dare to be uniquely you. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, lift you up, challenge and inspire you.

Shannon has taught me so much about living and loving. About authenticity and kindness. About giving the best version of ourselves to others, while also knowing when enough is enough. And where beauty is undeniably much more than skin deep, Shannon sure has ensured that my skin and the skin of many others is cared for and beautiful.

Check out Mais Oui Skincare to book an appointment on Facebook and for readers of this here blog, Shannon is extending 25% off of a facial treatment when this blog is mentioned! Also, follow Shannon & Mais Oui Skincare on Instagram if you’d like your day to be just a tad brighter and filled with more love!

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