Melanie Jeanne

Taco. Taco. Burrito. Burrito.

Semi-homemade and purely delicious! Not everything one eats needs to come from scratch. In fact I subscribe to the semi-homemade method quite a bit. Case in point last night’s dinner of tacos, burritos, quesadillas or nachos. Or as we like to call it Mexican buffet night (most of America calls it Taco Tuesday).

We’ve got one very picky eater living between these four walls. This poses difficulty in preparing meals. If you’ve got one, you know. Basically, every recipe I seek and find always has to pass the Doodle test. Most don’t and often I make something a little unique for her with the base ingredients.

Anything made with chicken and we will bake hers fresh and set it aside, then doctor ours up. Anything with pasta, same. Broccoli and green beans + chicken and eggs are really our only safe bets.

On night like last night I chose to explore what we had and supplement with what we needed and came up with Mexican buffet night (again, in leu of Taco Tuesday because our picky eater doesn’t actually like tacos, blasphemy I tell ya). It ended up being a win win for all.

We always seem to have an over flow of tortillas (breakfast burritos anyone) and shredded cheese (you will always find a healthy stock pile of cheese in our household). Building a menu off of these items is easy. I ran to the store and grabbed a roast chicken (to shred and season a bit) and ground bison (taco meat), along with guacamole, pinto beans, chili lime rice and other fillers. I may not be Chipotle, but I’ll darn sure try to replicate my peoples favorite dishes.


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