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Kim of 2Be Bella

Twenty-seven years. Twenty-seven years, that’s how long this lady has been threaded through my life. In fifth grade she entered my life as a neighbor and a friend. Her house was the house where the fun took place. Where the boys and girls all hung out. Where we stayed to have just a little more freedom and a lot more fun!

Our lives took twists and turns and somehow we’ve ended up remaining acquaintances for the long haul. We’ve stayed in touch over travel and thyroid disease, regarding kiddos and life’s adventures. Random texts are sent and email invites are extended. I am more than thrilled to introduce you to this lovely lady.

April’s Woman of Influence is Kim of 2Be Bella.

First, please introduce yourself as an individual! Who are you away from 2Be Bella? What are your passions, goals and life like outside of the brand? 

Hello! My name is Kim Bauer. I am a wife, mom, sister, daughter, auntie, nurse, friend and a HUGE Justin Timberlake fan!! I have been married to an amazing man for 14 years strong and we have 3 awesome kiddos: Jack (9), Charlie (6) and Bella (2) — hence the name of my boutique. 🙂

My passions in life are being the best mom I can be, working out (at the Daily Method) and traveling with my hubby!

My goals in life are to show my children, my husband and family that I love them unconditionally every single day. I am a big believer in laughter and love and our family loves and laughs a lot. Also, sports are a big part of our family life. It seems like we are constantly going to the football field or the basketball court, but it is so fun! Life can be challenging, but with God and family on your side you can conquer the world. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so you can never look back.

Next what / who is 2Be Bella

2Be Bella is your go to chic woman’s boutique. We offer unique fashion finds in limited quantities, that will be delivered right to your doorstep! Who doesn’t love when a pretty package arrives with a darling outfit or special accessories?

Now a few questions to dig deeper and get to know you and the brand …

How are you balancing entrepreneurship with life (raising a whole lot of cute little monkeys, marriage, friendship, etc.)? 

Well, that is a tough one! I believe all the moms out there can relate to this challenge and know the struggles we all go through on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel I am spread soooo thin. I think to myself — how did I even make it through today in one piece? My husband travels for work, so that’s an added challenge but we just make it work. In my heart and mind, my husband and family always come first, so I always make them my top priority. Marriage can be hard work, but if you take the time for each other and never take each other for granted, things run a lot smoother.

Oh, and my girlfriends … They are my sanity!!! They are the ones who get me through the hard days. I could not do life without them. I always try to be the best friend I can be as well. Us mommas have to stick together!

Are you a night owl or an early bird gets the worm kind of gal?

I used to be a total night owl! Now, since my kiddos are up at dawn, those days are a thing of the past. These days it’s usually 10pm and I am done!

Coffee, tea or favorite bevy?

Coffee… I can’t live without it!!! Sometimes I can’t wait to go to sleep so I can wake up and enjoy my morning coffee … Yum!

What does your morning routine look like? What do you do in the morning to create positivity throughout your day? Favorite breakfast (always looking for delicious inspirations)?

We laugh! Mornings are crazy in the Bauer house with 3 kiddos. But first things first — my morning coffee, while I am making my crew breakfast. Lunches and backpacks packed and we are out the door for school. I try to make it to the gym 3-4 days a week. I feel this little time for myself makes me a stronger, healthier and happier wife, mom, friend and business person. It clears my mind and gets me ready for whatever comes my way that day!

What are your greatest indulgences?

Ugh – candy. I am such a candy addict and it kinda needs to stop! hahaha!

What inspired the launch of 2Be Bella?

I have always secretly wanted to open a woman’s fashion boutique, but really never knew how or had the courage to do it. I have always loved fashion and discovering fun cool looks for moms like me! My daughter Bella inspired the name! With the support and love of my husband, here we are.

How / when did you find the courage to leave nursing and launch 2Be Bella?

Well, that was easy but also very difficult! I have been a nurse for 12 years and I will always be a nurse in so many ways. Yet, I felt like I was in a creative rut. I wanted something new and challenging, but it was so scary to make that leap. I did not want to leave nursing and not have an outlet for myself. I strongly believe that women, and moms especially, need something of their very own to challenge their creative side. After many sleepless nights and much prayer, I jumped and began to pursue this dream that I never thought would become my reality!

How do you manage and grow your business?

I feel I am learning new things daily. I never understood how important social media was, until I began using it as a marketing tool. Social media is so important in growing a business, yet it is so overwhelming! Right now, it’s the early stages of my young business, I just keep trying new things, changing looks and reaching out to others who have made the journey before me. It feels like we are growing daily and that is amazing and exciting!

What has made 2Be Bella successful?

2Be Bella is a new venture but I feel we are well on our way to a successful, ongoing and thriving business. I really think that 2Be Bella’s success comes from believing in myself, staying true to my brand, and facing challenges with adaptability and creativity.

What are your goals and dreams for 2Be Bella? What does the future look like? 

My goals for 2Be Bella are to continue to grow into the boutique that many fun, classy, chic moms and ladies can come to count on for that something special and unique that keeps them looking stylish and easy wherever they may venture.

My dreams for 2Be Bella are that we continue to make all the ladies out there feel even more amazing than they already are!

What does the future look like?!?! I have no idea but I am taking this one day at a time and loving every moment of it!! All I know is that I am living my dream and it feels fabulous!

What would you say to other dreamers? To other women longing to express creativity? To other women longing to launch a business and pursue entrepreneurship? 

Go … For … It!!! It is scary and hard, but just believe in yourself and go for it! If there is one thing I would tell someone wanting to pursue her own dreams, it would be to seek out the women who came before you! There are so many strong and creative people out there with so many ideas and words of encouragement just waiting to help you.

Life is too short to have any regrets!

Here’s to making us strong women even STRONGER! Let’s be fabulous together! CHEERS!!

And there you have it. Kim is an incredible inspiration. If there is something on your heart, in your dreams and keeping you up at night, chase it! Chase that ream so that you can live your dream life!

Check out 2Be Bella’s website, Facebook page and Instagram account to explore all the chic and stylish threads that 2Be Bella offers!

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