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Monday Musings

Back for another round and it feels so good. There’s something about a Monday that follows a holiday. A holiday in which family gathers, eggs are hunted and faith is celebrated. There is something so fresh about that kind of Monday. Maybe it is because Spring is certainly in full swing, maybe because summer break is literally a month away or maybe it’s just the core level rejuvenation that just took place. All I know is that I love this kind of Monday…

1| New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the United States. It’s where I feel alive (who wouldn’t). It speaks to all the colors in my rainbow. It’s colorful, classic, flavorful, full of life, wild and free and full of history. Planning a trip to New Orleans soon? Check out this New Orleans Travel Guide.

2| Do you procrastinate? I find myself taking on other tasks prior to completing what I know must get done… A dear friend sent me the article Why You Procrastinate, think she knows me? Ha, yes indeed. But, what I learned, I too had to pass on and share.

3| I just became addicted to Audible (I know I am late to the game). The Mr turned me on to it when I am running. Take Control of Your Life by Mel Robbins is an Audible Original everyone should listen to! It’s inspiring, logical and most of all motivating. Take the next step, build your future brick by brick.

4| Who doesn’t love a piece of statement jewelry that just elevates an outfit? I know I do. I had forgotten all about Stella & Dot… but, I recently re-stumbled upon them and found some incredible statement pieces for this summer and beyond. Give me all the necklaces! Plus, they’ve expanded to so much more…

5| Looking for an incredible cocktail. Look no further than Citizen Public House. An Old Town spot famed for craft cocktails and an infamous salad (the original chop – my favorite). Enjoy drinks before an event, a date night at the bar sipping cocktails and sharing the original chop or an evening with friends laughing.

6| A new, future bucket list item, participating in a Cloth & Flame dinner. Cloth and Flame creates community dinner events in a unique and unexpected settings. What fun to participate in such an event. Get your friends together and join one of their final events until fall.

7| While we’re talking about Bucket List items… Summer Camps for Adults is at the tip-top of my list! The Discoverer Blog wrote an article and I am lusting over it. 5 Cool Summer Camps for Adults is a must read and for me, a must pursue!

8| Mascara… I recently stopped getting lash extensions and I’m now going for a more natural routine and look. But, in going back to natural lashes I had to figure out what mascara was for me… I didn’t want to go back to my old tried and true mascara because I wanted something fresh and new. Cosmo put together a list of the 16 Best Mascaras for Ultra-Long, Full, Killer Lashes. Can’t wait to test a few of these out!

9| My new favorite summer sandals are simple and classy. Steve Madden has a way of creating classic shoes and the Greece Leather sandals are just that. They are absolutely my new favorite sandal and are available in 9 color options. Dress up, dress down, run around town; they works for all occasions during the sweltering summer months in AZ.

10| Paris has always held a special place in my heart and my heart is still aching from the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire. History and culture colliding through architecture in such a storied city, the beauty of it all captivates me. If you are looking for a way to help… Look no further here’s How You Can Help Rebuild the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Happy Monday-ing.

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