Melanie Jeanne

Monday Musings

1| Y’all there is joy is summer beginning. Less scheduled. More fun with the babes. Less hurry, more quality time. But, somewhere right around mid-summer the boredom kicks in and the ability to keep littles entertained wanes. Checkout the Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps in Phoenix 2019 to get your kiddo registered and give us mama’s just a few weeks of freedom and grace.

2| We are heading to Hawaii in June and boy oh boy, I cannot wait!!! But, if you’re like me, I am always dreaming of places to travel and destinations fun for play. Need inspiration to book your next beach trip? Look no further than The 2019 Best Beaches in the US and the World … Might need to book another getaway… I mean, the beach is calling!

3| It wouldn’t be summer without refreshing cocktails by the pool. Maybe try to make all 20 of these tiki drinks in 20 Tiki Drinks You’ve Got to Try Before You Die to elevate your next pool party or lazy day lounging. These are sure to make summer more refreshing and far more fun!

4| Still on our healthy, clean eating kick, but Cinco de Mayo is just a few days away… Exploring a few clean recipes such as vegetarian black bean enchilada casserole, turkey stuffed zucchini tacos boats or chipotle lime fish tacos with mango coconut salsa… one of these should surely do the trick and feed the craving while maintaining the good eats.

5| Avengers End Game — Go see it!

6| It’s summer, summer, summertime … Which means lathering up in sunblock to spend the majority of our days outdoors and in the pool! Supergoop is our favorite way to lather. With a wide variety of products suitable for 6 month olds and older, all in every family will be protected from the sun this summer!

7| They often say there is nothing better than Playoff Hockey and “they” would be right! After 82 regular season games (yep, that sure is a lot of hockey) an entire second season begins for 16 lucky teams mid-April. And if this playoff season doesn’t prove it, I’m sure other have, but playoff hockey is the best hockey! Every first place divisional team was kicked out of the playoffs in round one by the Wild Card team (lowest ranking teams)… That makes for good TV and great HOCKEY!

8| Summer has basically already arrived here is Arizona (100 degrees over the weekend) and there is nothing better in the summer months than yummy ice cream. Ice cream is the symbol of summer vacation to me. And Blue Belle Ice Cream is my absolute favorite! Try Bride’s Cake or stick with the perfect summer classic Mint Chocolate Chip, but whatever you do, just enjoy!

9| Struggling to get tasks done at home? Or at work? Implement Timer Tasks… Timer Tasks are easily achievable and timed tasks that allow one to focus and set a timeline to a task. Plus, isn’t always fun to try and beat the clock?

10| A new favorite find … VICI is a women’s clothing store that started as a small family business and has expanded into two shops, as well as an incredible online presence. Just purchased the most incredible dress for our trip to Hawaii and cannot wait for an excuse to shop more… (the dress fit perfectly by the by)

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