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Monday Musings

Least favorite day of the week, hah! Let’s make Monday fabulous again. Instead of starting off the week filled with misery and dread, lets muse on magical things that inspire and motivate. After all, Monday’s are for musing and musing is what I do best!

1| The quaintest tea shop in Arcadia – Teaspressa – is the perfect pit stop on any journey. Join a couple girlfriends to talk shop and create. Grab a tea “to go” and super charge your day. Settle into the beauty of this little shop and allow your senses to be eased with charm and happiness.

2| Healthy eating never tasted so good! Clean and Simple Eats Seasonal Meal Plans are just the recipe(s) one needs to start on a more healthy and tasty journey! Might I recommend the Tropical Blackened Salmon Tacos, Buffalo Chicken Tostadas, Quinoa Quiche Cups, Dark Chocolate Cherry Shake, Kickin’ Avocado Toast or the Brekkie Bruschetta from their Spring 2019 guide…

3| #IMOMSOHARD. No, you mom so hard… We all mom so hard! Seriously though, Kristin & Jen always provide just the laugh I need! And their new book delivers laughs and sage commentary in spades. Now I just need to get to the Mom’s Night Out and my cheeks will hurt from joy.

4| Run for fun, but also for a cause… Whether you joined Team Taylor’s Fun Run this past Sunday in Arcadia (join us in 2020 for sure), or you find a different fun run in your locale, be sure to run for fun and great causes. Getting outside never felt so good or did so much good (almost $1 million earned for SIDS research in Team Taylor’s case).

5| Buzz like a bee… Busy Bees Babysitting that is. This company is magical and filled with heart. Whether you need a Bee or want to become a Bee (ahem bonus babes, this company is calling your names), they make the babysitting process so much more convenient and lovely.

6| Itching to travel as of late and love to travel to destinations where our favorite movies have been filmed (Safe Haven = Southport, Notting Hill = Notting Hill, Love Actually = London, Twilight = Seattle + Forks). We are movie scene hunters and Travel + Leisure has just released How to Take ‘The Notebook’ Tour of Charleston! Wanderlust + movie love = sign us up!

7| For the foodie in all of us, the most incredible event is coming up this weekend… Scottsdale Culinary Festival will be gracing the Valley April 13 & 14! Enjoy food, drinks and of course the people watching too!

8| Fill your home with scents of the season. Spring has certainly sprung here in Arizona and I love filling my house with scents to match. Champagne Toast. Tahitian Coconut. Lemon Verbena. Sunlit Cashmere. I love making our home feel and smell like a seasonal hug. I lean into the vibes of seasons hard and smells are a very important part of leaning in.

9| This weekend sip on the perfect spring cocktail. Fresh. Fruity. Fun. The Tuscan Pear Cocktail is a lovely cocktail transition from winter (a season in which pears abound) to spring (fresh, crisp, cold fruit for the win on warmer days).

10| Easter is just around the corner, start planning you egg dying adventures. These beautiful Easter eggs are a family favorite. They just turn out so vibrant and beautiful! A perfect centerpiece to any table celebration.

Take that Monday!

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