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Monday Musings

It’s another Manic Monday… However, this Monday is a true benchmark kind of Monday as it is the last Monday of the school year. Though there is school next week, Memorial Day is a holiday I can get behind. The kids have 7 days of actual schooling left and I am sooooo ready for summer!

1| The husband and I celebrated our 6 year “Engageiversary” yesterday. And when I say we, I really mean, I posted about it all over the internet. It took me back in time though and reminded me how special those early days were. We had littles, a future wedding and so much in store. Back then we used YTW Photography to capture all our most important moments (including this posts photo). We still use her now, sadly, just much less than we used to (our girls are older). She is the best!

2| I think I’ve told you, I am reorganizing our whole home. Rather, I am going one room at a time and taking each room to it’s full potential. Organization included. The Home Edit’s new & exclusive collection at The Container Store has me even more motivated than before! You guys ready to tidy with me?

3| I’ve been on the hunt for a wallpaper for our laundry room. Getting one from the UK just seems a bit out of the way at this point. However, I’ve found this Banana Leaf Wallpaper on Etsy in Wallspruce’s Shop. You guys, every wall in my home may be wallpapered before this update is over, their shop is to die for!

4| Ok. Ok. While I’m still on the laundry room update topic, I also got this Boja stunner to replace one of our can lights. I mean, I am in beach vibe mode and frankly it’s my laundry room and I want to love being in there! Other options are: Georgian Stone JONATHAN Y flush mount, Geo Pendant Lighting by Project 62, or how about this Pierce Bamboo Flush Mount by Safavieh?

5| We’re off to Hawaii in 29 days and I am in full shopping mode. I got a few new flowy dresses locked and loaded, a kimono or two for cover ups and some accessories to boot, but then J asked me about my swimsuits. I haven’t even gotten that far in the planning, you’d think the item I will be wearing most often would be the item I focused on first, but no. However, today at Target, I found my first of I am sure many new suits. This Shade & Shore suit is so cute on and just the right price too!

6| I featured 2Be Bella on this here blog last month and I can tell you one thing, the clothing, accessories and service are top notch. I ordered a kimono and earrings last week, received feedback they were shipped that same day and they arrived within the same business week. The pom pom kimono is soft and the perfect swim suit cover up and I can’t even share the earrings with you because they’ve already sold out! Go shop 2Be Bella, you will not regret it! (I’m closer to trip ready now…)

7| Also, if you’re like me and haven’t really gotten into the summer break planning and are now behind the 8 ball… There are options. 10 Places to Spend a Long Weekend in the U.S. will get your creative juices flowing at the very least.

8| Do you feel like you are eating healthy, but just don’t feel so? Me too. All. The. Time. has pulled together an article What to Eat to Feel Better – Inside and Out for just this reason. I’m going to test this out and report back, but if you’re also like me and want to just dig in, here you go.

9| If you’re also like me and always looking for something yummy to eat… and easy to prepare for your family, how about Chicken Shawarma? I mean, shawarma is one of my all time favorites! I’ll take it any night.

10| Ending this week with pretty little things … or in this case a beautiful big thing. A Modern California home. Dreamy!

Let’s make this week great! Happy Monday y’all.

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