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Monday Musings

Happy Memorial Day!

1| Stop. Think. And say THANK YOU! Today is Memorial Day. As John Krasinski has asked us, lets ensure we say thank you to those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. And if we’ve got it in us … Let’s do The Murph Challenge. 1 mile. 100 pull-ups. 200 push-ups. 300 squats. 1 mile run. With a 20 pound vest.

2| More motivation to become the best version of yourself. Many very very famous ladies fail before they succeeded (ok all famous ladies and not so famous ladies fail before they succeed). Here’s How 6 Women Made Their Career Comebacks and let that inspire your next move.

3| Summer break starts in 4 days … 4 days! And I’ve planned nothing. The Discoverer Blog is helping me with last minute ideas. 5 Quick East Coast Trips to Take This Summer is just the ticket to getting started on planning.

4| If we stay local, the Doodle and I have talked about driving to The Grand Canyon. It’s one of the seven wonders of the world, it’s located in our state and it’s something the Doodle has never seen. Also, kind of totally interested in hiking it someday!

5| Y’all, I’ve found that the more cruddy food I eat, the more I crave cruddy food (duh)! I need to get a handle on it … LiveStrong has published The 12 Worst Foods for Appetite Control. Just so y’all know, I eat 9 of the 12… Time to make some changes.

6| I love my Peloton. I love my bike and my tread… And I just need to share that with Peloton I’ve found fitness again. In a way that is consistent and makes me oh so happy. I love hopping on the tread and hitting my strep goal. I love the motivational rides on the bike. I also love the floor workouts – yoga, yes please.

7| More travel inspiration because … SUMMER. 8 National Parks Where You Can Have an Unforgettable Summer Vacation may be just the ticket if we can’t make it to the East Coast. Washington and Colorado are close enough to plan for.

8| Summer is also the time in which I eat far too much ice cream and I’m a-ok with it. Need a new hot spot here in AZ… These are the 10 Places to Get Your Ice Cream Fix in Metro Phoenix. Sugarbowl has my heart.

9| Along with too much ice cream comes cleaner eating. This Assado Chicken and Sauteed Lemon Zucchini is just the ticket to balance with my sweet tooth all summer long.

10| And … Because … Summer … it’s time to get reading as reading is what we love. Here are 44 Books ti Bring on Vacation because 45 is just too many and 43 is just not enough.

Here’s to our heroes. We may not know them all, but we owe them all.

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