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Monday Musings

How is it already June?!?! Literally, we are now 6 months into a new year, which also means we are half way through a new year. My mind is struggling to grasp this information.

And yet, here we are! Also, HELLO MONDAY!

1| I’ve been following Kelle Hampton since the original Bloom days. She’s extra! Extra in all the ways that I think most moms hope to be extra (or in all honesty, completely shun). She is great at creating magic in the mundane. This summer (as with every summer) she has created a Summer Bucket List. Once Upon a Summer is a PDF guide in helping others make summer magical. This morning Kelle was on The Today Show and my biggest take away — creating a summer bucket list keeps the whole family accountable to making memories so that when summer comes to an end there is no regret on what wasn’t accomplished. Also, creating little magical moments allow for ways to galvanize the memories into those little hearts…

2| The Doodle went to a sweet birthday party this past weekend and I was enamored with the set-up. I want to be a kid again and I want AZ Sleepy Teepee in charge of making the magic come to life. Check out their instagram to get lost in the magic!

3| Sleep evades me. I am a night owl by every definition of the term. I struggle to wake, it takes me far too long to jump start my day and then boom — it’s 9:30pm and I am raring to go. This month I am taking the Sleep Number Sleep 30 Challenge. I’m ready for my sleep reboot! Are you?

4| I’ve said it before and now I am certainly saying it again… but, creating photo books to memorialize travels and stages of our life is a top priority for me. This summer I am working on creating multiple books of the Doodle’s childhood. It has been part of my to do / bucket list for quite some time. Thank’s to Mixbook the task is joyful and creative.

5| Ladies… apparently there is only one under eye cream worth using. Real Simple published an article I’ve Tried 15 Different Eye Creams and This Is the Only One Worth Buying. I’m ready to work wonders on my under eye dark circles.

6| I have always been obsessed with organization. Since I was a little girl I color coded everything. Well, as of late I’ve been seeking ways to elevate my homes tidy. Getting all my inspiration from The Neat Method these days.

7| As much as I talk about cookies, cookie dough and other sweet treats, I also love to eat clean. LiveStrong has provided a helpful guide – 8 Tips to Make Clean Eating WAY Easier – to make eating well easier. As of today and as always, I am ready to jump in.

8| We love the home we live in. But, if you know me then you know, I am always working to make updates. Two years in and I am ready for some changes over here. The laundry room update is nearly complete (and will be shared soon). And now I am bringing in California Closets to reimagine our mud room and pantry. I CANNOT WAIT. They helped us create a beautiful closet.

9| I’ve got two new favorite pairs of shoes for this summer season… literally in love with my new Vans Old Skool in Aqua Haze & my new Steve Madden Collins Natural Snake stacked heels. A little casual and a little fun. Great for summer date nights.

10| Just putting it out here… I desperately want a conquest map. We travel and we travel often and I want somewhere to pin and document where we’ve been and a place to look and dream up where we’re heading next.

Happy June y’all! Happy summer y’all!

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