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Room By Room – Pantry

Well hello beautiful…

It’s time for the next big reveal. We started with a standard pantry and we took it next level. As commonly known here, I am quite an organized person. I keep our house very tidy (except for the piles I make to stack mail, papers, books, etc. my quirk – I am a pile maker). Everything has a place within our space. Our pantry became another story all together.

Where our standard pantry has worked just fine for the past couple of years, it frequently got messy. We would purchase too much food, have too many spices, buy too many extras and let it get away from us from an organizational perspective. I am the primary user of the pantry (much like the laundry room) and getting it to a place that functioned for me was a priority.

The goal – create a space that was accessible and easy to maintain once organized, while also adding style and beauty. I called upon our design consultant at California Closets (when we moved in here we utilized CalClosets to build out our master closet to maximize the space we had) to maximize this space as well. We dreamt up a layout and set forth to see it come to life.

Once the demo, patching, painting and installation was complete it was truly time to have fun. I measured shelves and headed over to The Container Store to bring the pantry to life. Once a door that remained closed always, is now a door that is open all of the time. It is beautiful to see and functional to use. Cooking for my family just got a whole lot more fun!

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