Melanie Jeanne

It’s A Vibe

Pretty, summery, beachy vibes make me happy.

School’s out for summer… rather school is nearly out for summer. One week, one week and my girls will all be on summer break. One graduating high school virtually, one moving up to 5th grade (where has the time gone) and one basking in the glow of being halfway through college. Where school surely didn’t look like it used to in years past this year, I am hell bent and heaven sent on making summer feel “normal”. So many things feel out of whack these days, but summer has got to feel like a victory for us, it has to be fun.

Getting motivated over here by getting creative, researching safe summer jaunts and gearing up for some fun in the sun.

Whether it’s an inspirational act or I am breathing life into our reality, I’ve gotta start somewhere, right…

Finding inspiration and creativity the only way I know how; moving my body, resting my mind and exploring my Pinterest.

** None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my Summer Summer Summer Time and Beach Bum Pinterest Boards. **

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