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My Top Nine – Instagram Accounts I’m Following During COVID 19

We all need a little pick me up these days. Truly and honestly, there is no avoiding that we are living during a time of pandemic.

Restaurants, stores, movie theaters, travel – they’ve all been closed, it’s all been cancelled. Life, however, has not been cancelled. Parenting, spousing, choring. Celebrating, enjoying, loving… Those things are all still on tap. During these times of weird I have found joy in daily escapes to the Instagram. Where I know Instagram can be a rabbit hole and certainly there is content on there that can make us feel less than, there are accounts that are providing love and light during this time.

Here are a few accounts I look forward to daily:

Ashley Petrone makes my heart smile. Her family is lively and loving. She authentically adds to the social ethos in a way that simply feels good. Ashely has shared multiple journey’s of house buying + renovation on her page and during this time she is no different. Her family (Her, her hubs Dino and their 3 kiddos) recently bought a home on a small vineyard and are taking their followers through the process of renovation and remodel. Her positivity and honesty are delightful and her eye for style and home are awesome. I love her a hunnit percent (if you know, then you know).

I have been following Natalie for years and years. Prior to kiddos and before her jewelry line… She has been one of the most consistent Instagramer’s in the game. Her aesthetic has not changed since day one. Yes, she has evolved, but she has always remained true to who she is. That is why I love her feed so… it is just dreamy. She is putting body positivity into the world and styling wardrobes that are classically cool. During these times I’ll take a daily does of that all day long.

I want every inch of my home to experience Meredith’s Midas Touch. Her Instagram bio says it all, “Helping people make homes that make them happy.” Every photo she posts feels happy to me and more than anything I want my home to feel as happy as the people in it. I am blessed to know her beyond the walls of the internet and she is just as vibrant and awesome in real life. During this time she has been running a Spring Spruce through her stories, giving followers ideas on how to spruce a space. Sprucing includes cocktails… I am in.

I love all of my Peloton coaches, truly I do… They all bring a different light and perspective to fitness and life that motivate me. Selena brings the joy of the outdoors to her feed daily. I am more inspired to be active for the fun of activity than ever before because of her. She surfs, golfs, rides horses, runs, boxes … really I don’t know what she doesn’t do. She makes the outdoors look and feel like the best place to be. I am inspired. Oh, and she also cooks and plays guitar. Really, it’s a feed full of happy.

This gal is the bees knees. I know this because I know her. We worked together many moons ago at a Phoenix Ad Agency. I always thought she has more cool in her pinky finger than most do in their entire body. Rebecca’s corner of the internet is just so cool. It is full of beauty, beach and bitchin’ art. It is filled with vibrant colors, style and beauty and a vibe all it’s own.

I cried tears of joy for Ashlee when she posted that she had gotten engaged. I have been following her through life, tragedy and the process of evolving through grief to happiness. Her profile is so beautiful, honest and inviting. The capacity she has to share grief so beautifully is inspiring. And watching her evolution (that which she has been willing to share with us followers) has been such a beautiful journey. Seeing happiness and love so authentically is something we could all use a little bit more of right now.

We all need an escape. We are all dreaming of adventuring. The Cabin Chronicles is curating incredible photos from other profiles to fill our feeds with yummy destinations. Since we are unable to leave, let’s escape together and utilize The Cabin Chronicles profile as that outlet during these times. This profile is also inspiring our vacation home dreams… someday, someday the exploring will begin again and adventuring will be at the top of my list.

Just in case you have been living under a rock and have not been introduced to John Krasinski’s SomeGoodNews page, then I must introduce you to it. It is exactly what we all need now. This profile is a platform for John to post his YouTube videos for his new news outlet SGN (Some Good News). The videos are incredibly heartwarming; bringing watchers to laughter and sometimes tears of joy. This is the good news outlet at the center of COVID 19. Instead of sharing all the ick that comes with COVID, SGN is sharing all of its beauty instead.

Adley posted a video that literally took the internet by storm… Just a couple weeks ago she posted “This is what we should all be doing right now” video and it could not have touched on life as we know it right now more accurately. I was chuckling out loud, shared it with every family member and watched it multiple times. Then I did the Instagram deep dive and found so many more videos that just made my day better – this one, this one and this one… When you need a laugh seek out Adley. Really laughter is the best medicine.

What Instagram profiles are you enjoying during these times. There are so many that bring joy, inspire, educate, allow for participation and ultimately bring a little levity to these times. Wishing y’all health, wellness and a little bit of added joy!

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