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New Home Inspo – Foyer & Dining Room

Hello home! Lovely to see you… While we wait; I dream, draft and plan for the future when it will all come together.

The layout of this home really does lend itself to having unique spaces stand alone while also allowing the whole home to flow. When I wrote about leaving our last home, Times They are a Changin’, I had mentioned there were some things that we would absolutely do differently. Mainly, I would ensure spaces felt more rich and cozy, I would complete spaces more fully and I would tackle little projects immediately.

*** Above photos are not mine. They are the staged model photos from Zillow *** 

Where our home will have the exact layout of the photos above, the colorway and general vibe will be vastly different. Since the foyer and dining room / bar lounge (depending on how we define it) are the first rooms visitors will see upon entrance, I want to ensure the hello and welcome our home provides speaks to who we are. These two spaces are visually shared and are a wonderful greeting to the home. In our previous home I never created an entry space. It was the absolute last space on my list to address and frankly did not get the quick and easy attention it deserved. In our new home it is my goal to ensure these spaces are addressed immediately.

  • Our new front door is going to have many similarities to this modern window paned door. It will be iron, with rectangular windows. I am excited to bring modern touches into our tuscan home. The exterior elevation feels so welcoming, cozy and somewhat traditional while we will maintain our modern masculine vibe inside. Our front door will be one of the first transition points from traditional to modern.
  • We want our foyer chandelier to make an understated statement. Something like these beauties at a larger scale and in champagne gold. Gold to warm up the black tones that anchor our home and stunning like these to bring in the femininity our house needs.
  • There are two statement walls in the foyer. One sits directly behind the open front door and can be seen from the dining room / bar lounge seating area. I want to ensure this wall has a large format feature piece of art. Similar to this giant family photo, I want something that makes a statement, that can stand alone on a large wall and that breathes life into the space.
  • On the other statement wall, what if we did something like this wine cellar? There is a deep under-stair storage closet on that wall. What if we made the storage closet a standard sized closet and instead had an awesome wine cellar at our entrance, right off of the dining room / bar lounge area? If this just doesn’t jive, an entry table or gallery wall will suffice.
  • Moving into the dining room / bar lounge, it is our intention to turn it into more of a lounge library than a formal dining room. These awesome bottle prints or similar prints would create a vibe that helps bring the lounge library to life and clearly define the space.
  • I also love the idea of bringing old Hollywood photos into the space like this and this for that classic cool vibe. In fact the more I sit with it, the more I love it. It would definitely be a mood for sure.
  • There is a wall in the formal dining room that lends itself to being the statement bar wall. Bringing in lower cabinets and upper shelves to house and feature our favorite bottles would further define the space. I love the contrast between the white lowers and the champagne gold shelves in this pin.
  • I also love the bold statement this black feature wall creates. The glass door closure, ample wine storage, a few feature shelves and cabinet storage to boot. What a cool display for a room that could be utilized as a lounge library or a formal dining room.
  • These gold champagne shelves from Alice Lane make my heart so very happy. The funky aesthetic of the wall tile and decor also make this space feel very special.
  • But, what if we keep our space a formal dining room. This pin provides all the inspiration I need… Rich colors anchor the space. Black and white beautifully contrast one another with camel leather making the space feel warm. This pin perfectly depicts our desire to have a functional bar space in our home and allows for a dining room table we would inevitably play board games at.
  • The warm gold hues of the lighting and dark moody colors of the room speak to me from this pin. Our decor style is more modern aesthetically, but boy do I love the moody warmth of this whole thing.
  • If I could have a dream lounge library in my life, it would be this one. A rich colorway. Inviting space. Room to gather. Space to lounge. Shelves to store featured liquor and wine and decor and books. If not in our future home, absolutely in a vacation home someday.
  • And finally, I am inspired by little moments that have big impact. This pin shows a charming vignette. A cluster of bottles, colors that say hello, a moment of happy. Looking to ensure each room has a moment like this.

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I am so excited to bring our home to life. My inspirations are many and we have a lot of time to pin down each room. I don’t want to over think or over plan, but I definitely want to dream and prepare.

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** None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my New Home Inspo Pinterest board. **

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