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We’ve Got Dirt!

Here starts the visual journey of our new home build. First, there is a lot of dirt… All the dirt. So much dirt. We’ve got lots and lots of dirt you see. Every home must start somewhere and ours begins with loads of dirt. We have decided to take weekly photos of our lot progress and I am excited to share with y’all these little moments in time. The small and unique differences we may be able to see each week will be shared. And, as we learned right quickly, there may be no change at all between some weeks.

The excitement of building is starting to wear off and now we are entering the phase of the ongoing waiting game. The game of watching, wondering, seeing some progress and then seeing no progress. Truly, these next 7 months are going to take every bit of patience I have. This will absolutely be a growing experience for me. I am historically an immediate gratification kind of gal… Obviously, I am human and I am able to wait on life, but I am very aware that this journey will be filled with many lessons along the way. Lessons I am 100% unaware of at this moment. The only lesson I am certain of is that patience is just 1 of many lessons to be learned…

We decided we were going to start popping by the lot as part of our Saturday transition. When we leave our rental home to take Doodle to her dads home, our future home is en route. It has become part of our Saturday schedule and during quarantine, you well know, not much is scheduled at all. This is something we look forward to, despite the recent lack of progress…

Week one’s stop was truly just a surprise decision. We realized it was on the way to the Doodle’s dad from our rental and chose a pit stop. What a lovely surprise it was too. The outline of our house had been mapped out and preparation had begun. We got a call that weekend that ground was breaking that coming week.

Week two we got pipes! Dirt was dug up and pipes were in place. Progress made.

Week three and four have left us wanting more for sure. Zero progress has been made since the initial pipes were placed. We know there are many teams at work, many homes being built and many schedules to juggle. We are loving seeing the progress in the neighborhood as it gives us hope regarding our own home. The roads have been laid, the common areas are being landscaped and the mailbox has been put in… You know people will start moving in soon-ish when there are mailboxes available.

For now, we will keep our hearts focused on the future. Stay settled in place and be grateful for every little adventure this life presents us. How lucky we are to be able to build a new home during these wildly weird times.

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