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New Home Inspo – Office

We work from home. Well, J works from home. I tinker at home. I write this blog and manage our household (more to come on my work world in the future)… At any rate, our home needs a work space. A space to create and focus and get s**t done.

When determining the layout of our home we had an option and decision to make. We were able to create a den space or a guest suite. We chose den without a second thought. We need a den. Although now I am wondering if we should have built it as a guest suite in order to have a full bathroom on the first floor and a space for older guests that would prevent them from having to go up and down any stairs. At any rate, it will be our den, the space to create and work and manage our life from.

I love a dark and moody office. A masculine space that feels rich and anchored. I am also starting to fall for a light and bright space too. Especially after living in our rental that feels very dark and cave-like most days. A light and bright space will lend to really positive energy and creativity. At this point it will be a coin flip of how the office comes together.

  • This may be the perfect example of light and moody. Bright, yet lending to a more masculine vibe with the wood accents. I love the lighting over each shelf giving each vignette an opportunity to show off a bit. Plus, the Mr loves lighting, this would be a special way to bring accent lighting into the office.
  • I love the moody blues and hues of this room. Where we will not have a dedicated library or a sitting area in the office, I love the concept of shelving that adds character. The hues are not so dark that the room feels heavy, but the color adds a sense of soul.
  • This office is interesting to me… I love the dark anchoring shelving with the bright white walls. I love the more moody and interesting roman shades with the rich wood desk. I love the warm flooring with the bright rug, though a bright light rug will never work for our people. This office is simple yet styled beautifully.
  • A proper moody and manly office. Everything about this screams dude to me. I love the dark walls and ceiling. Such a unique approach to adding color. (Little known fact, I had a blue bedroom ceiling when I was in high school) I also love the warm wood tones. This room works because of the ample natural light, it’s an inspirational option to approach depending on the natural light our office will get throughout the day.
  • Green is the new white… Or so this pin suggests. I am totally digging the use of color everywhere. Walls, baseboards, window trim, shelving. The whole lot got an emerald green coat. Even the roman shades are dark and moody. This room doesn’t feel too dark, but it is brightened with a lot of natural light, a bright white ceiling and natural wood floors.
  • Funky, fun and masculine. Also, just a great shared space. If we are to share the space in the future, this set up would be an awesome approach. Black shelving to create cohesion with our black cabinetry throughout the house, bright white walls to create contrast, black window trim to create a mood, a silver desk to create interest and a funky light to create character. I could see this office working really well with our vibe.
  • This office was designed as a his & hers space, which I love. The light grey color is so so lovely. The specific space dedicated to his needs and decor and the specific space dedicated to her needs and decor, it works so well in maximizing the room. Monika Hibbs created a beautiful space that makes my heart go pitter patter. There are details to this space that would need modification to truly work best for our needs, but this is a perfect inspirational place to begin.
  • Another joint space I love from ClassyClosets. The peninsula desk feels like exactly what the Mr would need for his computer set-up so that his back isn’t facing the room. The ample storage and color contrast are ideal. I would simply want more open shelving to feature those things we love. Books. Lego. Awards.
  • Organized Dreams featured this awesome California Closets office on their page. This little gem is just lovely. The additional desk tucked in back as a homework station or my station. The peninsula desk. The storage on storage on storage. The contrasting black and white. Sign me up.
  • This space is just darling. It may work better as a homework station, but I love the light and bright colors, the simplicity and the ease of transitioning the space for use by others and the modern yet classic look and feel to the built-ins.
  • The two-tone and texture in this office are off the hook. This is exactly the vibe of mingling dark and moody with bright and light. The color way inspiration is on point.
  • I do not hate this, in fact I love this. This space. It feels rich. It feels open. It feels just as it should. Change the light fixture to something more modern and throw down a rug, throw a desk on that rug and get working.

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What does your dream home office look like? How would you create a vibe or a mood? I am certainly trying to create a modern masculine space, that will also remain classically appealing and inviting to whomever may live in our home next (no time in the near future, but we all know those homes that look dated). I am trying to create an office that will satisfy both a his and a her space. A space that will feel creative and structured enough to bring the most out of those using it. I want an adult space that is beautifully visual, but that also speaks to our personalities and interests.

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** None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my New Home Inspo Pinterest board or Instagram. **

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