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Two Month Check In

It’s been two month’s since they broke ground on our home. 8 weeks. 1. I cannot believe it has already been two months. 2. I cannot believe it has only been two months.

This will absolutely be a test of my patience. I don’t feel at home in our rental. Where I am so pleased to have a roof over our heads, the rental is not the roof that makes me feel grounded, rooted and safe. And during these times, feeling grounded, rooted and safe are high on my list of priorities. This will test my patience because frankly there is a lot that is out of my control. Our house sat with zero progress for nearly 5 weeks. So long so we reached out to our sales rep to get an update on our timeline. Fact is, there was a hiccup. The city had to resubmit the building permit, building was paused until it was corrected. It has been corrected and progress has been made again. Our timeline seems on track as well, which is truly the best news.

Every week I check in with my mom and sister. Every Saturday I send them a photo and any update notes. Little bullet points shared. For weeks I was sharing “no progress made” with them and photos of the same land with the same look. The only changes were cloud placements in the sky, the deep or bright blue hues of the sky and of course our future neighbors home (which is going up quite quickly). After five weeks with no progress, you bet the hoots and hollers I shared were enthusiastic and joy filled.

Week 5 – still no progress and the trigger to reach out to our sales rep. I am fully aware that this process will not look like I expect much of the time. I am also very aware that soon, most weeks will look the same as the week before. Once framing begins, all of the work will be internal and not visible from the curb, for now I am looking for curbside progress.

Week 6 – my heart exploded as we drove up. Each week I play a trick on myself… To get to our home one would turn right into our community, except I always turn left and take the large loop around to our home. One, so I can see the progress of the other lot we had our eye on that sold on the same day. And, two so that I am parked on the curb across the street. As we turn in, the whole family always looks right as I avoid the peek. Each week the Doodle struggles not to blurt out what’s happened or not happened. Heading into the final turn of the big loop I always hold my breath. Coming around the curve on week six my heart lept out of my chest. Grading had happened and we were waiting on the foundation to be poured.

Week 7 – there are many days in the week that the Doodle is traded off between her dad and I. On the Thursday before our Saturday visit I picked the Doodle up at her dads house and popped by our lot, there was no progress from the week prior. Heading over on Saturday I didn’t expect anything more. So when we arrived to see foundation had been poured both the Doodle and I jumped from the car to see if we could leave our hand prints in the cement. No such luck it was already quite dry. I was on the phone with my mom and screamed with delight. I walked our home. It felt good.

Week 8 – well our neighbors house is just going up rapidly. We have a foundation that is curing. Based on the photos I’ve taken, we should see this same view for about 4 weeks prior to seeing wood arrive and watching the framing take place. I cannot wait to see the arrival of wood. Oh boy, oh joy.

It’s the little details and small moments of progress that make my heart leap. It’s also the planning we are doing behind the scenes that makes the passing of this long journey a bit more bearable. The backyard, the master closet and laundry room, the decor and of course the settling in and making this house our home. The slow weeks at the lot allow for bigger plans to be made. The busy weeks at the lot sure make the process exciting. 8 weeks down, just 24 more weeks to go.

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