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Three Month Check In

Holy moly we’ve made progress!

We went from having a foundation to seeing weekly progress. Which means, soon we will watch and wait. Soon all the progress will be internal and we will see no measurable progress to the exterior. Soon we will be twiddling our thumbs and hoping for quick quality work so that we can move into our new home. These past four weeks have been really exciting. Watching the house pop up, it has made this process feel really real.

The past four weeks marked weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12. I cannot believe we have been watching the progress of our home for 12 weeks now. Only 20 more weeks to go (according to the original timeline). 20 more weeks, 5 more months. Oh boy, it is time to buckle up and find more patience. I am finding that patience in the excitement of our most recent progress. To watch our home go from foundation to a true two-story house these past four weeks has been awesome.

Week 9 – the foundation has been curing, but on this weekly visit we saw wood. Actual wood to frame our house. To start taking it from dirt to home. I squealed, as I often do, when I saw more progress. WOOD! Actual wood. So this is really happening. Our week nine visit was quick, but filled with joy and hope. During this visit we chatted about how much change we would absolutely see in the coming weeks. We discussed that we would see major updates over the next couple of weeks and see major progress. This progress would be the most substantial of the entire process because we would go from nothing to something.

Week 10 – a little more something indeed! Look at that first floor. As we pit stopped by for our week ten Saturday visit we jumped out of the car thrilled to see our first floor. There was a fella building our stairs as we walked up so we made this visit hasty. Took as many photos as we possibly could, but boogied quickly to allow him the time and space to work. On this visit it was neat to see rooms coming together. The office is huge, the bonus / fit room, not so much. The pantry, massive. The back patio, such a long lovely covered space. Things are coming together and it is so cool to witness.

Week 11 – progress is evident right now. A second story has been added. There are rooms and walls and a home. During this week’s visit we snuck in and snooped around. We allowed the Doodle to explore a little bit, tested the stairs, looked at bedrooms, explored bathrooms and delighted in the progress. Our master bedroom feels massive. The upstairs loft will be an awesome family space. The bedrooms will be inviting and ready for guests. I am so excited to see this build through. To move our family to our new home. To create a safe space and a lovely place for Doodle to grow up in. This will be our family home until she is up and out and I cannot wait to fill these walls with our personal touches.

Week 12 – we have a roof! There is a lid on our home. Honestly, I so look forward to this home being ours. Every time we visit it feels more and more real. The problem is Sunday through Friday we are living in a rental and where we so look forward to our Saturday visit, the reality of our future home feels so far away. To see the walls pop up, to see rooms walled off, to see a first story and then a second and now a roof; it all feels so good on Saturday when we are there. It just feels so far away the rest of the days of the week.




I can see our family here. I can see memories being made. Holidays being spent. Movies being watched. Cookies being baked. Birthdays being celebrated. I can see all the things happening in this house. Big sisters coming home from college. Grandma visiting from Michigan. Boyfriends, fiances, husbands, grand babies… yep, I can see this as our home where this magic happens. For now, I watch the as the walls go up and the roof goes on and I wait. The next four weeks will slow down, will take on a new timeline, will include windows and internal happenings. The next four weeks will mark the half way point and the continued journey, but for now I am so so grateful for the past four weeks of insane progress.

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  1. Jenny

    December 18, 2020 at 1:45 pm

    Hey – how’s the house coming along? Are you in? Would love to see!

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