Melanie Jeanne

about me

Hi! My name is Melanie…

Welcome to my space, my creative place in this world, my little corner of the internet.

A bit about the blog … 

I started this blog back in 2008 as a creative outlet. I never thought it would become more than that. But, as thoughts often do, mine changed over time and I now know this little space is exactly what some people need in their life.

Quirky Chaos is a blog that will add value to others lives, add entertainment to the everyday and add happiness and beauty when needed.

When first developed it was a place for brain dumping and random thoughts. It was a place to put what was in my mind out there (odes to peanut butter included). Over the years it has traveled through life with me – through wedding planning, pregnancy, divorce, dating, personal growth, remarriage, blending families and wild and wonderful adventures.

Now this blog is the place where passion lives. I am passionate about fitness (there isn’t a workout out there I haven’t tried), food (give me all the cookie dough and tacos), travel (“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag) and most importantly – family (my heart beating right on out of my body).

Why Quirky Chaos? – Because, I’m a bit quirky, living in a state of wonderful chaos and making things as beautiful as possible.

“I write about what I love and I love a lot.” – Me

Now a bit about me … 

I am 36 years old (for just a few more weeks). I’m a wife (second husband), a bio-mom (with first husband), a bonus mom (from hubs first marriage) & a pup mom (all rescues)! I live with thyroid disease and beat thyroid cancer (woot woot)!

I left corporate America to pursue passion over paychecks. This blog is my passion. I also run a little interior decorating firm called Zoe Grace Interiors, primarily supporting clients with digital designs. I am loving being the CEO and president of our home managing our backyard reinvigoration, continually updating the interior decor, developing and executing weekly menus and managing all things living.

My love of all things includes but is not limited to; travel, cookie dough, tacos, thin crust pizza, margaritas, yoga, HIIT workouts, dirty martinis, manicures, yummy food, pedicures, massages, reading all the books, healthy food, dreaming of my next adventure, building my relationship with God, keeping a gratitude journal, loving on my family, singing loudly in the car alone, watching my favorite movies repetitively, waking up with the sun, watching incredible sunsets and hearing waves crash.

I am grateful you are here. Please stay a while.